Thirst & Ten started as a 1988 Ford Ambulance from a volunteer Fire Station in Long Island.

We Acquired the ambulance in the Fall of 2010.   Customization began in the winter of 2011.  The ambulance was originally white with blue and orange stripes.  The first task was sanding and stripping of the existing paint and lettering.  A severe skiing injury in February of 2011 put the work on hold until of the summer of 2011.

90% of the work happened in August and September of 2011.  There were many long days and even longer nights.  Although it was in very good mechanical condition, with only 36,000 original miles, the task of prepping and painting a vehicle this size was daunting.

The layout of the interior of the ambulance is what makes it a perfect tailgate vehicle.  Compartments for all the important stuff and plenty of seating.  But we still had to tweak it a bit and make it look like more tailgate friendly.  Some of the custom interior features include:  epoxy "UConn Football Field" floor, custom made bracket to mount the cantilever TV mount, and miscellaneous vinyl decals.

We keep track of all the other games and updates with our 55" flat screen TV and Total Stream TV box.  Wifi is provided by our Verizon Jet Pack. 

Thirst & Ten Tailgate Ambulance

  Before Pictures.....


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